American Chocolate Sweet Box

A tasty selection of American chocolate sweets with a personalised message for that special someone. 

There are 3 options.....

Standard Mix Box - You will receive a random mix of 6 different American chocolate bars. Plus an optional personalised message inside.

Hershey's Selection Box - You will receive one of each amazing different flavoured Hershey's bars (6 in total). Plus an optional personalised message inside.

MEGA BOX!! - You will receive 14 randomly selected American chocolates. Plus an optional personalised message inside.

You have the option to personalise your American Chocolate box. You can add your own personalised text when you place your order. But you have the option to leave blank & we will use our generic message “Enjoy!”.

Please note: If there are specific American chocolates you definitely want to have in your chocolate box then please message us with your specific choices from the below stock list & we will do our best to accommodate. The chocolates you receive, for the standard & mega box, will be similar to what you can see in the images on this listing. We will, however, randomly select the chocolates for you. We always ensure you get a good variety & we never send you 2 of the same product…. Unless you ask for it ;)

For example, a customer ordered the mega box & asked for 14 brown Cow Tails. We happily accommodated the customer with this request. Honestly, just ask us. We are open to any enquiry you may have!

American Chocolate Current Stock:

Hershey’s Sprinkles n cream 
Hershey’s Strawberries n cream 
Hershey’s Mint
Hershey’s Milk choc
Hershey’s Cookies n cream
Hershey’s Cookies n choc
Tootsie Roll Bar
Butterfinger Bar
Baby Ruth
Rocky Road
M&M Salted Caramel
Cow Tale Caramel Brownie
Cow Tale Caramel
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Reeses Nutrageous

CUSTOMER NOTE: Please feel free to message us if you have any special requests/requirements.

American Chocolate Sweet Box